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fallen_icontest's Journal

Anything but Fallen Evanescence Icon Challenge
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Welcome to fallen_icontest Fallen Icontest is a misnomer. This community is a weekly icon challenge that is meant for Evanescence icons that have nothing to do with Fallen. Every week(usually on Sundays or Mondays) a new challenge will be posted. You will submit your icon(s) through screened comments to the post that says "Submit all icons here". Then on Saturday(or whenever the deadline is) voting will be posted.
Award Banners If you want to, you can submit your own
Set #1(rock royalty)
Managed by aliceunbelongng, publicinertia and toolostobesaved

1)No images or lyrics from the Evanescence album Fallen.
These lyrics include:Going Under, Bring Me To Life(any version), Everybody's Fool, My Immortal(Fallen version), Haunted(Fallen version), Tourniquet, Imaginary(Fallen version), Hello, My Last Breath, Whisper. All other songs are ok.
Pictures include any variations of these pictures and any pictures of the videos Going Under, Bring Me To Life, My Immortal, and Everybody's Fool. Live pictures(like ones from ABH or Pepsi Smash) are allowed. Other pictures from the "Fallen era" are allowed.
2)No stealing
3)No multiple accounts
4)Icon must fit lj standards-Limits: 100x100, 40kb, jpeg, gif, png
5)It's supposed to be anonymous-no posting your icon somewhere else 'till winners are announced (that also means the icon's specifically for the challenge)
6)No voting for yourself or telling friends to vote for you.

Please post all entries with the img src and link, like this:


If you'd like to be added to the affilates, please comment.
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